Pool and SPA Acid Washing


Pool and SPA Acid Washing

Your pool or spa looking a little “dingy”? A light acid wash may be just the thing to perk up your pool or spa, not to mention your entire backyard!

If the pH in your pool has been allowed to get too high you will almost certainly experience a build-up of lime-scale. Pool scale is mostly made up of calcium from the minerals dissolved in the pool water and the build-up changes the way the tiles feel – instead of a glass-smooth finish the tiles feel rough and abrasive.

When calcification is severe it is almost impossible to keep the pool clean, sanitized and looking good.

The reason for this is that the surface of the lime scale is pitted with millions of tiny holes. These holes are so small that they can be regarded as ‘dead spots’ in the pool water circulation and therefore do not receive fresh supplies of chlorine.

Algae spores can take up residence in the holes and proliferate, giving a green tinge to the lime scale. The next time the pool is super-chlorinated the algae will be killed and turn brown but, locked away in the pores as they are, they will remain as an unsightly brown stain.

The solution to the problem is to have a pool professional like us drain the pool and remove the lime scale with acid. This is not a job that should be attempted by the average pool-owner as it involves the use of corrosive chemicals which can be hazardous to your health. Draining a pool or spa can lead to the vessel lifting and cracking, ruining it. Do not attempt this on your own!