Pool Filter Cleaning


Filter Cleaning

Pool Filter Cleaning – Typically, pool filters are taken apart and cleaned every 4-6 months. The average cost of Filter cleaning is $75-$95, if it is done by a pool professional. A clean filter can save you money on electricity, since a clean filter filters out more particles from your pool water each hour.

The majority of Diatomaceous Earth (DE) filters have 8 elements which are called grids. The diatomaceous earth sits on the surface of the grids. The DE grid structure lets the water go through, but does not let the small particles pass, therefore the water gets cleaned and small pieces of debris remain on top of the DE inside the filter.

During filter cleaning grids are rinsed and the inside of the filter is also rinsed. O-Rings are replaced, if needed. After the filter is securely closed, DE is added to the skimmer, and the flow of water will take it to the inside of filter where it will sit on the surface of each grid.

Warning: Let a professional clean your pool filter. A great amount of pressure builds up inside the filter. High pressure can cause a pressure explosion and could result in severe bodily harm or even death.